An outdoor space in your backyard truly is an extension of your home. Entertaining outside has become essential (quite literally). Check out these tips to host outdoors like a pro.


  1. Create an ambiance

Tables, chairs, cushions, string lights, bamboo torches, citronella candles (for bugs!), music, food, and friends… that’s what you need for the ultimate backyard vibe. After choosing your patio set, add some interesting elements to really create a space that feels like the indoors: hang some lights, light some candles, dress your table, and put everything out (you won’t need to keep going back inside!).


  1. Comfort is key

We usually end up hanging outside for a while. You might get a fire going after eating, the pool may look inviting, and the conversation could be too good to pass up… so get comfy! Outdoor cushions, throw pillows and warm blankets are a must. Add them to every area when hosting, and store them before going in.


  1. Backyard flow
If your yard has enough space for several sections, use it to your advantage! Create an eating section, a firepit section, a lounging section… and make sure your style and colour scheme flow well from one space to another. Go for the same tones, prints and fabrics. Your backyard will look cohesive and inviting, just like your home.
March 03, 2021 — Catherine Olivier