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Your hand-picked furniture is in place, and now it's time to decorate. Your home decor is an extension of your tastes and style, so we've curated a collection of only the most striking, vintage-inspired pieces that will elevate your space. Even if you sway towards minimalism, choosing one key statement piece to be the focal point of your room can make a huge impact. Our versatile selection also matches all interior designs, so whether you love modern chic or find warmth in a more rustic aesthetic, these classic decor accents are a perfect complement. From the neutral tones of terracotta vases and jugs to the natural grain of wood platters and boards, each item in our home decor collection was chosen for its uniqueness, quality and elegance. And to inject a sense of romance and coziness to your sofas and chairs, we have the comfiest linen throw pillows that make beautiful standalones or can be stacked with other cushions for a layering of style. From everyday decorative elements to seasonal holiday decorations, our pillows and decor are the ideal finishing touches.