Filling up a bookshelf to suit the style of your home can be tricky. Plus, bookshelves aren’t just for books! The key is a good balance between form and function.


  1. Flip your books

A rising trend in the past few years, exposing pages rather than spines is a winner. The neutral whites and beiges go naturally with any décor, and book covers don’t need to be a specific colour. If you’re into books with character, try thrifting old encyclopaedia collections.


  1. Add a personal touch

Bookshelves are a great way to show off souvenirs, photos, and trinkets. Plus, they can transform any old house into your home. Add a picture frame atop a pile of books (spines in!), a beautiful tea cup from your grandmother, or a figurine you brought back from your travels.


  1. When in doubt, add a plant

Not only are they great for your home environment, but they add beautiful greenery to any décor (and if your thumb isn’t so green, there are amazing faux plants you can get). Go for a lovely cascading plant (like a pothos) and have fun with the pot!


  1. Horizontal & Vertical

A bookshelf doesn’t mean all books have to be vertical from left to right. Skip a shelf (for décor), make some horizontal piles, add something on top (see tip 2!). Switching it up adds organic balance to the shelves.


  1. Add Some Colour

Don’t worry, this also works for monochromatic lovers. Use wallpaper to brighten up the back of the shelves, pick a bright vase or plant pot, or even have flowers or a plant in a glass jar that you switch up every season.


Bookshelves are an amazing space to show off your style. Plus, it’s so easy to change it up when you’re ready for something new. Don’t be afraid to gather things from everywhere in your home to make it yours!

March 04, 2021 — Catherine Olivier