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At the end of a long day, you want to collapse into comfort, so cuddle up with the most luxurious bedding available for the sweetest dreams. The NRTHRN x Maison Roseaux collection of pillows and duvets guarantees a perfect night of sleep, designed to regulate your body temperature no matter what the season. Our designer bedding is all custom filled in Montreal, Canada with high quality duck and goose down, so whether you're looking for a lightweight duvet for summer or a warmer comforter for winter, we've got your cover. They're also available in all standard sizes to accommodate your bed, and in classic white, display your duvet as is for a fresh, modern bedroom design, or add a duvet cover for a burst of color. Our down-filled pillows are made to match as well, and you can choose from soft to extra firm padding, giving you the support you need to wake up feeling refreshed. Getting a good night's sleep is paramount to a healthy and happy life, so invest in quality bedding and feel the difference a few extra zzz's can make.