Scent is a powerful sense that can invoke feelings of calm, comfort and nostalgia, so if you want to fill your home with fragrances that stimulate your mood, our incredible candle collection is just the thing for you. Find invigorating grapefruit and refreshing eucalyptus infusions from La Vie with soy candles that you can pop in every corner of your home for long-lasting, lingering decadence. Or add a decorative element to any space with a twist on an Indian tradition with our warm, neutral terracotta chai cup candles. In natural clay tones and an intricately patterned design, these unique candles are beautifully artistic whether lit or not. And if you just want to fill your home with soothing scents reminiscent of a spa without sparking a flame, our deluxe linen water will freshen up your home. Just spray it on towels, sheets, curtains and more fabric for an instant pick-me-up.