Home décor is never static, it’s everchanging. It can be classic, modern, chic, fun… but it has to represent you. So, where do we start? Here are some tips to follow when decorating your new house.


  1. Start with the big stuff

Pick your largest piece of furniture as your starting point! Sofas and sectionals are great to decorate around. The style of the seater can direct your accent colours, cushions, rugs, window treatments, and the vibe you’re going for (plus, you can switch up smaller items every season).


  1. That colour you love? Put it everywhere

We’ve all been guilty of obsessing over a colour (we often do this in our closets). For example, if you love green, treat yourself: accent wall, sofa, plants, vases, cushions, wall art, books, etc. It can be your main shade and everything else will be complementary: beige, grey, black, wood, and white. When it’ll be time for a change, you’ll be happy to have gone with your fave shade.


  1. Think short term

This may sound counter-intuitive when it comes to home décor and furnishings, but you live in your home every single day (maybe even 24/7). It’s normal to tire of your environment after a certain time. When choosing wall & trim, main furniture pieces, window treatments & rugs, even lighting, go for it! Those amazing printed velour drapes and that really fun colourful rug will make you happy every day until you’re ready for a change (you’d be ready to switch it up if they were grey or white, too).



Whatever your choices, make sure your new home gives you good vibes, and don’t be afraid to switch it up to match your lifestyle!

24 février, 2021 — Catherine Olivier